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Deserves every one of them 10 stars.

Very nice take on the madness concept, great fbf, great concept, great story, great everything.

I will only point 1 thing out, sometimes it was hard to read the text, maybe 0.5 to 1 second longer at times would be nice.

Can't really complain about anything else, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.

tomtyke responds:

i'm actually going to be using text bubbles,and i'm giving them faces, so their mouths actually move, so it's much easier to read the text as it's given in much more managable chunks with a nice, almost comic-book style flare to it

Fuck yes!

I never thought I would see the day...!


After watching it, I found it mediocre-boring.

The only good ones were the well animated ones :L.

The terribly animated ones were too fast to understand the concept, lets leave troll physics to simple pictures, ey?

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The ending :/

I am VERY disappointed with the ending... :(

The whole thing was fucking amazing, beyond amazing. I felt fear for the guy who was being tormented, I felt sad when his dog died.

But at the end, you showed the 'killers', this animation would of had a much more mysterious ending if you didn't see the furries kill him :/ just cut off before it shows them.

But seriously, that had something A LOT of people don't have, character. You feel the loneliness of the man, you feel his connection with the dog, you feel his fear.

I love your work man! You are a fucking beyond great animator!

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Fucking GREAT!

One of the most original (and might I add fun!) concepts I have played in a long, long time!

Game play was fun, very unique and challenging.

The infinite monkeys bashing out the code to this made me laugh xD!!!

I hope this gets front page! It deserves it!


Love the paint smudging effect.

You should release the source code ^_^?

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Number 1:

I like how the person who is score number one has a score of -100,000,000,000,000. XD

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I am going to-

Steal this and say I made it!! *I'm Joking!*

This is a great ambient sound track, putting it in the trance category should get you more views, possibly into the 1,000's.

You may see this in one of my upcomeing games, if i ever finish it, and use this in the final track.

please tell me if you DON'T want this to be used in one of my games.


Loosemore responds:

Aaaaand - done.
Thanks for the advice, digi (I'm pretty dreadful with genres).

I'll keep an eye out for your game!

OMg nice!

Love this remix, how about you remix the track "The Root Of All Evil", if you haven't got it, you unclock it in the chaos tunnels.

Anyaway, nice twist on the song, would love to see JaGeX put this in the actual game!

Krizy responds:

Hahah, man, thanks a lot :D

well yeah, about "The Root Of All Evil", never heard of it :(
Maybe you could request another? '___'

thanks for reviewing!


This should soooo replace the current theme lol. Will add like 20 seconds onto the loading time but who cares? It will make the menu much more bareable! =D

I tend to mute the menu music rofl its to ear peircing but this would solve that lol

nice. nice. nice. nice. nice. nice. nice. nice. nice. nice.

'nuff said.

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